Healing Ourselves With Our Family

What is the most researched hobby on the internet? Gardening. And coming in at Number Two is … genealogy. How coincidental that both of these passions explore “roots.” And when roots are inverted, they look like tree branches.

Roots provide trees and human beings with stability and nourishment. They help answer the questions most of us have asked ourselves at one time or another:

Who am I?”

“Why am I the way that I am?”

“Where do I come from?”

“Where do I belong?”

Having interpreted the eyes of thousands of clients, one of the most common experiences I’ve heard is that something is missing. They feel an emptiness and a longing to fill it.

Another powerful archetype is the belief that something is wrong with them, that they are not good enough, or don’t deserve love. Some become know-it-all’s, opinionated and arrogant to cover the pain. What’s telling is that these same themes and experiences show up in our parents and family history.

Our great grandparents raised our grandparents, who then raised our parents, who then raised us. As direct descendants of this lineage, we inherit their looks, mannerisms, gifts, and unresolved pain. These traits and memories appear in our childhood memories, DNA, and structural patterns in our eyes. Before incarnation, our soul chooses the best family dynamic, place and time to be born to best fill the itinerary, journey and mission it has chosen.

Think of Earth as a school where souls come to learn, grow, experience and evolve. Each chooses their family of origin, geographical location, religion and lineage to best reflect what they came to learn and experience this lifetime. Their choices include parents, brothers and sisters, a specific birth order position, and body type as their vehicle to carry out the soul’s experiences and learning.

Everyone knows “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Behavioral Iridology knows the eyes are a genetic blueprint of inheritance. Your right eye connects you to your father’s side of the family; your left eye represents your mother’s side.                

Your family patterns: They existed before you did

Your family patterns did not start with you; you are only one generation. Did you ever wonder how many of the same family patterns express themselves in three or four generations before or after you? If the patterns are about fame, fortune, radiant health and supportive relationships bring them on, let them flow. Perhaps this will counterbalance our children being born diagnosed with more severe diseases at earlier ages than ever before. And since the Covid pandemic, more serious illnesses are appearing in our children at younger ages.

Intact family units are waning, becoming a thing of the past. Since parents seldom stay together for more than 15 years, the family unit is dissolving, replaced by younger generations are captivated by electronics and technology. So, what is happening to our hearts, our families, our connections? Single-parent families and families with stepchildren are more common these days. Getting married because a partner is pregnant is the exception. Society is changing so that today, you don’t have to classify yourself as male or female. In some states, you can choose neutral.

Ever wonder what happens to the strife, struggle, pain our ancestors endured, generation after generation? It moves downstream to the next generation and so on to the next.

When these patterns go unacknowledged and unhealed, they gain momentum and potency. Like a snowball rolling downhill, they add size and strength. Eventually, this pain manifests physically and behaviorally in our children. We recognize it in the increase of childhood with learning and behavioral challenges. From autism to drug addiction, our children are under more stress than at any time in our history. But now we have a model that includes maps, charts and tables that reveal the family influences and personal life lessons contributing to illness, accidents, and disease.

Personality: Genetics, Environment, Soul Imprint

At birth, approximately one-third of our personality is explicitly influenced by our DNA and genes. About one-third of how we interact in the world is shaped and molded by our social interactions. And the final third of what we experience is imprinted in our soul before incarnation. And if you have children, you’ve passed these traits down to them and their children. Generations will continue to inherit them,  as we are all choosing each other to learn the lessons inherent in our family’s unique dynamics. There is not much new that human beings experience in the way of feelings. What differs is the sociology, culture, religious/political correctness, and social acceptability of these behaviors and patterns.

We know that the genes in our DNA give us certain propensities and weaknesses for illness and disease patterns (epigenetics). But they also play a role in our personality. Family traditions and sociological norms can maintain these patterns for hundreds of years. True, there will always be “black sheep” that flee the flock to start a new life elsewhere. But their genetic programming will manifest wherever they go. (Hint: That is why it’s referred to as “programming.” Wherever you go, so goes your DNA!

If you want to know yourself, study your family. And if you want to know what you inherited from them, let me look deeply into your eyes. Keep in mind, you’re not the first in your family to experience emotional pain, stress, or trauma. It happened to your parents and previous generations, and it’s happening to us and to those following us. We’re part of the continuum, not the cause or the blame. No one person at fault, as this is not about right and wrong. Rather, it’s about understanding family dynamics and breaking the old destructive patterns and cycles. It’s about birthing new regenerative cycles of health and healing. When you have them both, life gains new meaning. If you are:

  • A foodie
  • Dedicated to taking care of your body
  • Are on a spiritual path
  • In a healing profession
  • Just waking up
  • Then this work is for you!

Many of our long-term customers say, “This is the missing piece I have been looking for.

If you want to go deeper into your healing, your eyes and family history have the answers. Sign up for a free webinar, consultation or event. We have the community and the support. Join us and see — literally!

To learn more about our guiding philosophies and principles, click here.

These are the philosophy’s principles that govern our healing model.

Our Principles:

  • There is only one God, Source, or Creator.
  • God is evolving and expanding.
  • God needs humans as much as humans need God.
  • Humans co-create with God.
  • Everything is a co-creation.
  • Learn to develop a relationship to your feelings as they are aspects of God’s creation.
  • Love is the most powerful force in the cosmos. Nothing can conquer love.
  • Every human being is born with all their parts; nothing is missing or wrong. (Our parts, however, need cleansing, strengthening, parenting, communication and synergizing).
  • To be guided by the wisdom in our physical body.

Our Philosophies:

  • Souls incarnate with a purpose and itinerary developed before incarnation. To best support their journey, they chose their parents and ancestral history ahead of time.
  • You fix a flat tire; your soul evolves. “Life is a journey not a destination.
  • Everything is a co-creation. No victim can exist without a perpetrator and vice versa.
  • When there is judgement, someone has to lose, and someone has to win. It creates hierarchy and separation, which is unsustainable.
  • If you want to know yourself, embrace your feelings. If you want to see yourself, get into a relationship and explore your family history.
  • Pain is our teacher. But once we learn its lessons, the pain is unnecessary.
  • Serve others from a place of fulfillment, not obligation.
  • When you judge someone else, ask yourself, who are they in me?
  • Without judgment going inside the body the divinity of chaos can be revealed.
  • Nothing is good or bad, right or wrong. Instead, ask yourself, “How does this make my body feel?” If is brings health and well-being to your body, keep doing it. If it hurts or degrades the body, change it.
  • Self-love is essential to self-empowerment.
  • Compassion for our own pain our starting point.
  • Only you can truly forgive yourself. Feel and forgive your part in the co-creation. Forgiveness for the other naturally occurs.
  • Cosmic Narcissism the personal hokey pokey. It’s all about me. Being, taking more responsibility for yourself.
  • There is a fine line between genius and insanity. You are not crazy because you are different.
  • Emotions do not create behavior.
  • What if you felt angry but did not act it out. Would it matter?
  • Take time to love, laugh and play along the way.
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