Jim Verghis Bio:

Jim Verghis founded Behavioral Iridology in 2002, a real-world/online organization dedicated to empowering individuals to see their health and life experiences as their teacher for their own evolution. He certifies instructors, practitioners, and facilitates workshops while maintaining his private practice in the Payson and Scottsdale areas in Arizona.  

Jim is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities identifying trans-generational behavioral patterns to structural patterns in the iris of the eye defining our personality, health history and relationships. Jim has presented both nationally and internationally on behaviors and psychology related to iris patterns and family history for over 33 years. He was a featured speaker at the International Iridology Practitioners Association’s (IIPA) Annual Conference in 2015 and The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International Conference, London 2007. Jim was plenary speaker at Houston Bioneers Conference 2005. He has authored and published three books, Behavioral Iridology, Personality Assessment Through The Eyes, 2006,   Behavioral Iridology, Self-Love and Intimacy, A Guide to Conscious Relationships 2017 and Behavioral Iridology, How Family and Ancestral Lineage Shape Our Lives, 2018. In 2006 he began working with a team of holistic healing professionals in Santa Fe, NM, as a consultant and therapeutic practitioner in a private multi-day treatment facility.  

Jim’s work is based on the principle that our physiology is directly related to our psychology. The human psyche is spherical not linear, a complex system of energetics and long-term ancestral behavioral and psychological patterns. Behavioral Iridology pieces together seemingly unrelated events and experiences in our lives and family history, giving direct insights and solutions to the health and healing of ourselves and our relationships and our future generations. Grounded, practical, and in alignment with natural laws, Jim’s work bridges the gap between our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, our ancestral lineage and our soul’s journey. Having access to this understanding (along with his natural speaking abilities and keen sense of humor) makes Jim’s speaking style is both passionate and profoundly inspiring.

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