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Your Eyes and Family History Have The Answer!

Our model is a comprehensive system of self-empowerment using your iris structure, body type, health and family history as a blueprint to your life. It is one of the most effective and powerful models of holistic healing on the planet today!

The Genetic Blueprint

Earth is a school. A soul incarnates on earth to gain experience. To learn, grow and evolve. It chooses its parents, family history, place, and time to be born to best support its chosen journey.

If you want to know your soul’s purpose, study your family patterns. If you want to evolve yourself, discover what you inherited by looking at the patterns in your eyes!

After all, everyone knows “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Our work has shown that the eyes are a genetic blueprint of your family inheritance.

Using your family history as a blueprint, our system of healing and self-empowerment examines health history, body type and iris type to develop the roadmap to your life. Knowledge is power especially when it concerns you and your family!

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