Throw an Eye-Party

When you sign up for an iris consultation, we will send an iris scope to photograph your eyes. While you have the camera for two weeks, invite your friends over for an Eye Party. With your free chart you can gather around the screen or TV and interpret your own eyes!

If you just want to just throw and eye party, we will mail you a digital iris scope to take perfect pictures for two weeks of you and your friends eyes. Use the enclosed pre-paid shipping label and return. $89  Or you can buy one for only $249 Take it to your family reunion!

After securing images of the eyes, you and your friends can then go to our website, Click on the Read My Eyes Button and go through a free tutorial with audio sound files to interpret their own eyes. Our Free Iris Positions chart is also available on our website is to help you interpret the patterns in your own eyes. Anyone can sign up for a free webinar and get mini iris reading from expert iris interpreter, Jim Verghis.

Best of all, all of this is 100% Free.

When any of your iris party participants sign up for an Iris Consultation, you will receive 10% back on the full price of any consultation you refer to us. Forever.

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