Self-Discovery & Spiritual Evolution

Your soul came to earth to experience, learn, grow, and evolve. The soul chooses its parents and family dynamics to best support its mission. To better understand why your soul has chosen this lifetime, we study your:

  • Family dynamics
  • Ancestral history
  • Birth order history
  • Health history
  • Major accidents or illness

All the major events that happen in your life happen are part of your soul’s journey. Health issues, pain and suffering are not just physical they also contain hold the lessons we have yet to learn.

But the real power of any lesson is how it makes us feel, because the quality and development of our feeling body is key to our healing on the unseen levels. The more we are responsible for our feelings, the healthier our relationships — especially with our intimate partner.

To develop a healthy relationship with another person, we must first develop a healthier relationship with ourselves and what we feel. Developing a relationship to our feelings allows us to take care of ourselves first, and then ask for what we need without blame or judgment for another.

Knowing how to take care of ourselves begins to heal cycles of enmeshment, codependence and unhealthy relationships. Intimate relationships are so challenging and exciting because our partner can help take us to greater levels of love and joy. Conversely, they can also trigger pain like no one else.

For anyone on the path of self-discovery and spiritual evolution, your partner will give you plenty to work on, along with the companionship and love you create and deserve. When we’re triggered, your partner is asking you to look at a part of your pain body. At the most basic level intimate relationships, are an opportunity to see ourselves. Because the only person you can change is yourself. You are not the first in the family to experience these feelings and relational dynamics. They have been in our family for generations. If you want to heal these patterns, we will help you find them in your eyes, originating from the ancestors with whom you share traits.
In Jim’s first book Behavioral Iridology, Personality Assessment Through The Eyes, he outlines the structural patterns that identify personality types along with the life lessons our soul has chosen including which side(s) of the family they come from.

Our model will accelerate your understanding your soul’s journey what you are learning and how to take a proactive roles in healing yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Join our community as we heal together with loving kindness for each other and our own pain. Healing takes on an entirely new meeting when you do it in a community with like-minded people sharing common values for embracing their lives consciously.
We will keep an eye open for you!

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